NextCloud VM - missing /var/scripts directory

Best as I can tell I am missing the /var/scripts directory in I can run sudo bash /var/scripts/

in terminal ‘ls - a’ while under /var/ shows the following directories.
Bakups cache crash lib local lock low mail opt run snap spool tmp www

I am running NextCloud as a VM on Vmware Workstation 15 player. Is there a way to get the script at this point or did I mess up in the instllation at some point?

Got exactly the same issue.

Nothing more frustrating when someone releases something like this to make it really user friendly, which is great, only to have documentation that is pants.

cc @enoch85


Well, if you don’t have the /var/scripts folder, then it’s not the VM. Or you deleted it.

The scripts folder has been there since before Nextcloud even existed and was in the first commit.:

But the scripts folder goes back to year 2014 even, that’s when it was introduced.

only to have documentation that is pants.

Thanks for that comment, the VM is really user friendly!

I don’t think that @mfjorde is using that though, based on the missing folder.

A big plus is that our documentation is pretty neat as well. :wink:

Hi enoch85.

This is literally a fresh download, today, direct from the nextcloud site for VM images.

Admittedly, its weird because the initial setup script worked fine but was very limited.

Downloaded the VM again and running the install again now.

The answer is simple.

You’re not using the full version. Sorry, I know it’s confusing.

The vm on is not the same VM as the standard one by Daniel - it is a much stripped down version meant to get a basic thing set up for testing or basic usage, not a full all-bells-and-whistles set of scripts like his VM.