Nextcloud VM Hyper-V - €0!


Just wanted to let you know that we ship the Nextcloud Hyper-V VM for FREE until Saturday. In return, please report any issue you can find to Github, or here in this thread.

Nextcloud server 24.0.1
Ubuntu 22.04
PHP 8.1
PostgreSQL 14

Grab it while you can!


This is great. Is it possible to run this vm in VMware Fusion on a Mac ?

Hello Daniel.

Thank you for this image!
I like your other products too :smiley:

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We will release all the brand new VMs this weekend, then for VMware as well.

This VM was made free just for testing purposes. It’s the first VM for Hyper-V and we just want to make sure everything is rock solid before we release all versions.

Already over 10 000 VMs ordered. It’s crazy!

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i cant download can you send me a link please!



Sorry, the offer has expired. You can download it as usual from our site here:

We released the new VM in all versions now, it’s live and kickin´. :smiley:

in my country i try to download on saturday afternoon but i think my region is another time region and the sistem take me on sunday :sleepy:

Sorry, it was free for 24 hours more or less. Please check regurlally on Twitter for updates: @tmhanssonit