NextCloud VM has port 1723 open

Hello, I am new to nextcloud. I just downloaded NextCloud VM and imported it to ESXi5.5. After everything is setup, I setup One-to-One NAT on my router and do a scan port. I notice port 1723 is open on this Nextcloud VM. Is it dangerous when we have that pptp oepn? How can i block that port in nextcloud VM? I was wondering if anyone is aware this. It should be only port 80 and 443.

@enoch85 manages the VM, ping :slight_smile:

@weester That port isn’t open by default. By default everything is closed, so you must have done something by yourself to open that port.

Did you add a service or something like that maybe?

@enoch85 Thank you for your reply. I think I know why port 1723 is open. My cisco router has pptp server enabled.

Yup, there you have it!