Nextcloud VM - can't access config.php


I’m after a bit of help please - I have limited experience of Linux.

I’m running the Nextcloud VM under VMWare, and it’s all set up and running, and I can access the server using the Nextcloud app when I’m on my local network, but I can’t connect from the internet.

I get that I need to add a trusted domain in the config.php file, but I cannot access the nextcloud folder at /var/www/nextcloud. Permission denied. I am logged in as ncadmin@nextcloud.

I’ve determined that the folder is owned by www-data, but how do I log in as that user? what would the password be?

I’d be grateful for any help!

Hey, try to become root by typing in
sudo -i
Then you should be able to access this folder.

:man_facepalming: I really should have known that. Thank you very much!

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