Nextcloud Viewer development required

Hi I am looking for someone to assist in developing a .IFC and .dwg viewer for nextcloud, so when ifc files are shared the client can see the 3D IFC file and rotate it - using a open source BIM IFC viewer would be best maybe?


Hi Miles,
Did you find a solution for your problem?
Are you still interested in working on this development?

Thank you

Hi Marco

Yes we have several other things we want to implement within nextcloud can we discuss next week?


Miles Shrimpton
Managing Director
Future BIM
07960 766716
0800 7720613

Thank you for your email
Yes of course we can discuss next week.

Best Regards


Maybe the author @v1r0x of this app can help you?

Whats you email so we can get things moving?


This is my best email.
Shall we talk later this afternoon?
At you 4pm?

Best Regards

Hi there

This is not your email as its via the forum

Would like a catchup yes to run through a couple of addons we require.


Hello there,

You should have a look to :

Good works have already be done eg. viewer, ifc etc.

All great stuff but the repo is still private
It will be darn good if it can be switch to nextcloud