Nextcloud version 11.0.1 Admin Password Confirmation Popup

I have installed Nextcloud version 11.0.1 and using PHP 7.0 with mysql version 5.7

It was installed correctly but I’m unable to enable/disable any app or update any details of admin.

Kindly help.

Try logout - login , then go in Apps.

Tried this many times…but it seems to be having some libraries issues.

please check your server time.
i’ve got the same problem, after correcting server time to current it works again.

Solved my problem, too. This should be in a FAQ somewhere. The computer (running NAS4Free) somehow assumed that my local time was UDT instead of the actual timezone.

Logical flaw in NC programming… Coding a PHP app to depend upon system time is unreasonable, ntp must be locked to prevent users from changing system time to cover up system infiltration, thus system time must be allowed to be out of sync…

System time is not supposed to be used in this way on a web application locking out admins…

For 2FA authentication, certificates etc. we need a synchronized time (precision within limits).

@LukasReschke Can we somehow detect a too large time difference between server and client?