Nextcloud ver 19 VM on Windows 10 - not able to add either SMB or local storage in GUI[external storgage app]


I have installed the community VM on virtualbox on windows 10 machine. Installation has been fine and the VM is up and running. Using the GUI, I am trying to mount my local shared folders on the windows machine to the nextcloud without any success.

I have tried two methods without any success. I’ll detail what I have done so far and will appreciate if someone can guide how to correct the mistakes I am making.

method 1 - using the external storage app on the nextcloud GUI.

I give the IP like / and folder name like /Movies and the username and password of my windows computer but the red circle comes in and does not go away despite me trying all other formats of providing info for e.g. // instead of single slash or using backward slash instead of forward slash etc. It just don’t work. Same set of folders are already visible and accessible on the network and works like a treat.

Now, when I was unable to do this, upon ready I understood if I can share these folders as local folders to ubuntu then nextclound should see them and mount them.

method 2. through the virtual box I shared the folders created a mount point in ubuntu and through admin access I can see the directories and files in the mounted folder which means it is accessible to ubuntu. The issue now is how to get nextcloud recognise them and load as local storage. In version 19 documentation it is said that in GUI external storage app ‘local storage’ is also an option but when I go in my installation I don’t see that option coming up. I am at loss on how to access the configuration for ‘local storage’ so that I can mount the folders to nextcloud.

at this point, my preferred approach would be to mount the folders as local since I have read that it results in better read/write performance. However, it is absolute priority to have them mounted/accessible first irrespective of the approach.

I would be grateful if someone can point me to the steps I need to take to make SMB and local storage options working.



PS - I am old and out of date with programming, admin on unix/linux. General Linux commands seems like distant memory and remind me of my uni days…


Run sudo bash /var/scripts/ and choose “Apps” then “SMB Mount”. That should get exactly what you need.

Hope it helps!

Hi there, Thanks for replying, I was beginning to think that there is something wrong with my post that no one is interested to reply, this typically happens when you ask the obvious :wink:
First of all many thanks for creating such a wonderful VM, it makes installation the piece of cake. Coming to the topic, I am using that option already but it only allows three shares to be added, I need to add more. Also, it comes as ‘LOCAL1’ ‘LOCAL2’ etc on the HTTP GUI instead of the actual folder names.

if I can add more than three in there that should solve the issue. Having said that, am I doing something wrong or what, why is my external filestorage option or local storage options not working…


@szaimen What do you say?

sorry my bad, it works and my issue is resolved. I am able to mount as many shares as I need but they still don’t appear with right folder name in HTTP GUI i.e. for e.g. folder Music is coming as SMB3.

One issue though, if my share foldername in windows have a space in it, how to write it correctly so that mount gets created?

Thanks for your help.


Mounting smbshares with a space in it should already work. Just enter it with a space.

Here is what is providing that functionality:

Concerning the names: you can just rename it to whatever you want inside the nextcloud admin settings under the external storage app

Sorry, it appears greyed out for local storage, I can’t change the folder name or anything for the shares created by ‘smb-mount’. Any thoughts?

Can you send a screenshot of what you mean?
You have to go into the admin settings and click on the external storage section to rename them…

I was not looking at the right place, found the setting and was able to do it right.

Another QQ - is there a way to map a SMB share to default picture folder in nextcloud. I keep all my pictures on windows share and would like to have that synced in next cloud default picture folder.

Thanks a ton for your help.

What do you mean with default picture folder?
Do you mean a folder named pictures? You can just remove that folder and mount an additional smbshare with all those pictures and rename that mount to “Pictures”. Or do you mean something else?

so that’s one way of doing it. I was thinking that when I use the nextcloud app on android, there is a ‘photo’ menu item, if you click on that it shows all your pictures on the server. I thought that it is mapped to the default picture folder which gets created for a user.

What I am trying to achieve is that in nextcloud app when I press the menu ‘Photo’ it shows me the photos stored on my smb share. I also want to sync all my phone camera images to same folder so that all appears together.

You should be able to see fotos in the fotos android app section no matter where your fotos are stored in your Nextcloud - at least it is working for me this way.

If not, please report a bug here:

Thanks, I will test this & more importantly read the documentation on the android app.

I do have a question on ubuntu release, my VM states that it is on 18.04. LTS release but 20.04 LTS is out. I am trying to update it. when I run /var/scripts/ it states I am on latest release of next cloud, is also supposed to update the ubuntu server in VM? or else how do I do it, using apt-get?

@enoch85 could you answer that question? :arrow_up:

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Hi, please read this:

ah…it is beginning to come together, thanks that you pointed me to this. I need to learn more on nextcloud migration it seems…any good articles to start with you might want to recommend based on my scenario?

There are lots of info online and in the Nextcloud documentation, but before you do anything - backup backup backup.

Good luck! :rocket: