Nextcloud v28 has removed the option to move multiple files/folders within the web client

I regularly move a large number of files. Large in number and in size (generally around 30-40 folders, totalling 8-10GB).

I did this in the Nextcloud web client, as if I did it locally, NC would sometimes recognise the files as new, not moved; hence, syncing on a remote client would take forever.

This was only reliably possible in the web client, WebDAV (in Nautilus or Windows File Explorer) tends to stall when moving more than a small number of files.

Was there a strong reason for the removal of this basic feature? Will it be returning?

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Not sure why you think it was removed…

Not only is it still there, but it has also been significantly improved:

Bildschirmfoto vom 2023-12-17 14-41-34

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Well, then it’s perhaps a bug, because it’s missing for me:

Yep, it’s a bug: [Bug]: Multiselect menu missing "Move or copy" · Issue #41661 · nextcloud/server · GitHub

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Ah, the button is indeed missing in the realese version of NC 28 and was then added three days ago to 28.0.1, and I’ve already updated my test instance to 28.0.1 RC1. So you’ll probably just have to wait a few more days until 28.0.1 is released, or if you’re feeling adventurous, you can update to the 28.0.1 RC1 via the beta channel right now.

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I’m feeling conservative, so will hang on for a few days til the update is pushed, it should be a few days anyway until I need to move any large number of files


When will this be fixed? Still not seeing the menu on 28.0.2.

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Looks like it was fixed in 28.0.3 by using check first, hold shift and check last. Nice! Thank you!

already problems with copy/move to groupfolder destinations with 28.0.4+28.0.5 - NCv28: Users unable to move/copy into some group folders (OK in v27) · Issue #2926 · nextcloud/groupfolders · GitHub