Nextcloud using old redis host

Hello everyone,

it seems my nextcloud installation is still trying to use my old redis hostname to connect to redis. That obviously fails and there are a lot of redis errors following right afterwards.

System Information

Nextcloud version: Nextcloud Hub 7 (28.0.5)
Operating system and version : Linux 5.15.0-107-generic x86_64 (Running in Docker)
PHP version 8.2.19

Output of occ

www-data@410f5db6b3fa:~/html$ php occ config:system:get redis     
host: redis_nextcloud
port: 6379

Output of nextloud log:

[no app in context] Fatal: Could not boot workflowengine: php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo for nextcloud_redis failed: Name or service not known
	von ? von -- um 21.05.2024, 13:55:00

To me it seems inside the config shown by occ I have the correct host redis_nextcloud.

But in the log it seems php_network_getaddresses still tries to use nextcloud_redis. That is the old value but I am trying to refactor my docker stack to use a coherent naming scheme. I did reboot the container (and the machine) multiple times but somehow it still tries to use the old value.

Any idea where else what I have to change?

Check the REDIS_HOST (and related) values in your Docker Compose file. The REDIS* values there will override your main config.php (since they flow through the redis.config.php in the Docker image).

At least if this is the micro-services image.

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I feel dumb. I checked the values but of course I missed it on the cron image. Seems to work fine now.