Nextcloud usage quota for user seems not correspond to the folder size on linux

Hi…good day, we’ve a user which is exceding his space quot…he has assigned 1 Tb but he is consuming 1.8 Tb according to the size folder in linux (we’re not encrypt files right now and not using webdav or any remote storage btw)

after impersonate de account nextcloud only shows an usage of ~300gb, these differences are so big,we’re keeping several versions of the file and so on…but we’re not sure if nextcloud is correctly calculating the disk usage

is there any command that I can use for recheck the user space disk and recalculate the space???
I was thinking to use files:scan but I’ll prefer that you confirm me that it’s the right tool for this job…

thank you so much
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I´m mounting also 1TB external storage and have the same problem. The log is fullfilled with quota warning. (RPI3 with 1 TB HDD).
My data folder is on an USB-Stick (128 GB).

Have you checked the account’s trash folder. Items in the trash folder don’t account towards the quota, which covers only undeleted files.

Also, there is a setting which configures, after what time items in the trash folders get deleted.

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In addition to what budy already wrote, the docs give some good insights here:

Is there any external storage that is added for your users? How did you calculate the used space for that user? Did you use that tool only for that users data folder (files)?

@STrike In your case you should probably change your configuration, that external storage counts for the quota:

You now have a configurable option in config.php that controls whether external storage is counted against user’s quotas. This is still experimental, and may not work as expected. The default is to not count external storage as part of user storage quotas. If you prefer to include it, then change the default false to true .:

 'quota_include_external_storage' => true,

(this is taken from the NC13 admin documentation, see the link above)

@Schmu, I did :wink:
And for other user when I share a lot to them by group their quota is already full.