Nextcloud usage for alternative ftp

Hi there,

I have a strange question and i dont know if is possible but i’m trying to get the folder sync with clients to my desktop > my server but in the website folder of my server. and trying to open files via the website address but at this moment it doesn’t work that well.

So my question is can i fix it or is this idea just not possible?

You can may ask why not just use ftp? well i don’t want to make my ip address public to people and there needs be more users to sync with the folders to upload.

So yeah i need some help with it :stuck_out_tongue:

sure you could fix it. but for security reasons you don’t want. as well as you don’t want to use ftp as protocol anymore. it’s insecure and exposes your credentials and file content on the internet.

not sure what exactly you want. but why you don’t “share links” or webdav?