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I manage an automated system for updating NextCloud applications on shared webhosting services. We haven’t had too much trouble updating NextCloud apps but after a query from a user I just wanted to double-check that the approach we’re using is okay.

I’m interested in a portion of the documentation here: How to upgrade — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation

Specifically this part:

Nextcloud must be upgraded step by step:

   Before you can upgrade to the next major release, Nextcloud upgrades to the latest point release.

   Then run the upgrade again to upgrade to the next major release’s latest point release.

  You cannot skip major releases. Please re-run the upgrade until you have reached the highest available (or applicable) release.

   Example: 18.0.5 -> 18.0.11 -> 19.0.5 -> 20.0.2

If, for example, we currently have an application at 28.0.2 and the user wants to update to 29.0.1 then we update the app in two steps:

  1. first we update the app to the newest 28.0.x version that we support which is 28.0.4.
  2. then we update the app to 29.0.1.

And the question is this:

Is it okay that we only update the app to 28.0.4 in step 1, or should we update the app to the newest released version of 28.0.x which is 28.0.6? (And from there update the app to 29.0.1 for step 2.)

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Hi Rowan it’s not required to upgrade to the very last minor version of some release before a major upgrade but independent from upgrades I would recommend to use the latest minor version in general. it’s hard to say which one is required but as rule of thumb you could check the release history and search for the previous minor version which was released around the time of the major release - this one should be OK usually. Otherwise you use the last available - you don’t need to “support” this version - as it is only used as intermediate step I don’t think there is any harm to use the very last available minor release…

If it comes to supportability and stability I would rather stick little longer on the previous major version (latest minor) and jump to the next major in the middle of transition.

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Thanks for the information. :slight_smile:

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