Nextcloud Update Failure

Hello there, hope you are going well.

I’ve run into a spot of bother updating Nextcloud. I ran Nextcloud v20.0.4.0 on my Ubuntu VPS via docker (& docker-compose). I foolishly thought that I could update with ‘docker-compose pull’. It used ‘nextcloud:latest’ meaning that it jumped from v20 to v23, when skipping major versions is not allowed.

Jumping back to versions 20 / 21 was problematic as I was met with data is different from server error. I was able to make version.php match what’s expected, so at v21 I was able to run the upgrade. However, i was met with “Database error when running migration latest for app core”.

Now, trying to determine if I still at least have my files and calendar data on v20.0.4, I get the error “The files of the app Accessibility (accessibility), … were not replaced correctly. Make sure it is a version compatible with the server.”.

I would like to update my server but at this point my main goal is to see my calendar functional. I wasn’t aware Nextcloud had a database migration system like Rails. What do I need to do to fix my Nextcloud?


Its been hard going and I’ve not made much real progress. Any suggestions from the community?

Sorry i do not use Docker.

You can read this for the same error for another app.

Perhaps you can copy the correct version manually in the apps-folder. Read the post and the solution.

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I think this might work. Will log back in and verify solution once all the way through :smiley: