Nextcloud Up and Download very Slow

Hello Guys,
First sorry for my bad english, i have a Problem with my nextcloud.
I tried every solution that are in other Contributions but nothing helped me.

I use a Rasperry Pi 4 with 4 GB of ram connected with Lan to my Router.
For the install I use the Nextcloud PI from ownyourbits.

Everything is working pretty well and its a great solution but i cant get a better up and download over WIFI then 3mbs over Lan 9mbs.
Under loud the Rasperry Pi only Uses 500mb of Ram except I raise the PHP-Threads to 300.

If someone has a solution for my Problem I will be very thankful:)

Sorry no real idea because of to less information.
I think you can use on your NextcloudPi also ssh/scp/sftp . Can you copy files from linux client (sftp, scp) or from windows client (filezilla) to the server with sftp/scp and compare the up and download?

Sorry i dont know what Information you need :frowning:

I tried it and i get over wifi 55mbs up 70 mbs down and with lan 100mps up and 130 download. I use a 1gb bin file.

Thanks for your help

If you’re using http/2 disable it. Massive speed difference for me.

Okay is https http2? Because i use https

I disablet http2 it improve performance a little bit, in uploud round about 1mbs better:D
so like 4mbs in total i think thats still not good

In the settings under system I see the load of my pi and its only at 1.00 means it 100% ?

A pi4, has 4 threads/cores so cpu load 1 is 25%

Perhaps you can use “top” or “htop” (htop must be installed) for see cpu, processes, …
Post the output (normal, upload, download, …)
Please post not values … use Cut-and-Paste or screenshots.
Perhaps search “tuning nextcloud”.

I reinstalled my nextcloud and i get the error imagick is missing. I tried to upload without the imagick and i get a uploud over wifi 7mbs + on lan 30mbs to 50mbs. After the install off imagick i get slow speeds again I think the imagick is the problem