NextCloud + TrueNAS Core + CADDY

Nextcloud version:
Operating system: TrueNAS Core 13-1
NGINX: 1.24.0
PHP version: 8.0.28

I am setting up a TrueNAS Core Jail to host my NextCloud.
I am setting up another jail with a different IP Address to act as my reverse proxy. This jail is using Caddy V2 with DuckDNS.
When trying to directly connect to the NextCloud IP Address, it works as expected. However when trying to access through the reverse proxy, the NextCloud page will not load.

config.php file

'trusted_domains' => 
array (
  0 => '',
  1 => '<nextcloud IP>',
  2 => '<reverse proxy jail IP>',
'trusted_proxies' => '<reverse proxy jail IP>',
'overwriteprotocol' => 'https',
'overwritehost' => '',
'overwritecondaddr' => '^000\.000\.000\.000$', *** NOTE | Replaced with Reverse Proxy IP ***
'forwarded-for-header' => 
array (
  0 => 'X-Forwarded-For',
'overwrite.cli.url' => '',

Caddyfile {
	tls {
		dns duckdns <DuckDNS Token>
	reverse_proxy <NextcloudIP>:80

I did setup my Port Forwarding and tested with another self hosted website with success.
My problem seems to come only when trying to reverse proxy nextcloud.

Looking forward to any/all help!
Thank you,

What, specifically, do you mean by “not load”?

What does your browser console indicate?

What do your Caddy logs show?

Does your nextcloud.log show anything during these connection attempts?