Nextcloud - tracking deleted files

Hello Community my Name is Kevin and me and our company is using Nextcloud.

First i know my english orthography isnt the best, but i can understand the most.

were using Nextcloud on Linux and on Windows both works well.

were talking much about the possability to tracking deleted Files on Nextcloud.

I mean we can restore the FIles what workes well, but sometimes Files are deleted and we dont know why.

The most rationality Reason why this happen is that we think that some useres delete this Files but not

We think it would be helpfull to “can” tracking the Source / User who deleted any Files.

My Question at the Community is, is there any possablity to track the user who deleted any files?

Thanks for your help

Greetings Kevin

Not a solution but maybe a workaround: If it is a shared resource it can be seen in the activity log. Eg. “User X shared folder Y with you” // “User X deleted file Z”. Would be nice to have that user info in admin log too.

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Thanks for your Answer IBot, were going to checking this.