Nextcloud to replace traditional MS Fileserver

Hi Guys

First of all let me say that right off the bat: I know that NC is a document sharing platform and not a Fileserver.

Having said that, let me first give you a little bit of context: I work in a fairly large company, with more than 2 thousand employees and several semi-independent IT departments, each one with their own fileserver/document sharing solution (yeah, it is a mess). There is a discussion about centralizing the document management and make it easier for the users to access, while improving backup, traceability, sharing, compliance and security. So NC came into the discussion. About the amount of data, we would have dozens of TB… and a few requisites:

  • Map shares via Windows Network Drives. If I understood correctly, one can achieve this via WebDAV
  • Have group shares (not attached to personal accounts). I’ve found the “Group Folders” app for that, but there is a catch, explained in the item below
  • Have nested admin permissions. For example: I have a group folder “Atlanta”. The IT department from Atlanta should be responsible for managing nested group folders from there but they should not be able to even see the other top-level folders, like “New York” or “Los Angeles”. Only global admins should be able to see the entire infrastructure
  • Have quota per group folder. “Group Folders” app has that
  • Only one server, we do not want to de-centralize having several NC in a Federation, we are trying to run away from this model

I understand that this seems to be a scenario for MS Fileserver, but we really really would like to have the Web and Sync Clients features of NC.

Do you think that NC would be a good solution for this given the amount of data and requisites?


Perhaps have a discussion with the Nextcloud GmbH folks or one of their partners: Nextcloud Enterprise: Content collaboration software for enterprises

(Keep in mind this community forum is mostly populated by enthusiasts, home users, and small organization deployment operators. Not entirely, but mostly).

Buy a Managed Nextcloud for e.g. 5 or 10 euros a month in the internet. You can test it there. Works because of WebDAV like on prem. Maybe slower and not so big. Test it there.