Nextcloud time out on backup

when i try to update my nextcloud (on planethoster world) to next version.
That already do an error time out in backup step … its a fresh install (no realy important file) is it possible to disable backup before update ? or find a solution for this time out ?

If you can use the updater from command line, you can skip the backup step (also on command line, you have less resource limitations, so it could then even work with the backup):

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It would be nice if there was a general option to deactivate the backup for CLI and Web via config.php. And while you’re at it, an option to automatically create missing DB indices would be nice if it makes sense.

The backup is just a very basic thing, it just copies the code (no data). So it is nothing very heavy, and stuff further down the line are much more intensive (extract new code, copy the code, …), so if the backup fails, your whole thing still works.
On the other hand it takes a long time for some, not sure if it does something else (db dump?).

For the db indices, if the tables are large, this can take a long time. And if you operate through the web-interface and you run into a timeout, not sure in which state you end up with your tables.

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