Nextcloud Talk Windows Desktop Client


Anbox does not work on all distros


same here - a Talk desktop client is missing in a situation when the sync desktop client is enough, and a web access is excessive or restricted.

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Ok I have started a bounty! (some time you have to put your money where your mouth is)

Anyway the issue was raised on github as well

and I will post the same message about the bounty there as here:

my bounty post is for a cross platform desktop client or alternatively the ability to link up to a cross platform and cross messaging client (such as Franz or similar)

I would prefer the former but would be more than happy with a fully working latter…!


I’m in for a desktop client as well. We have an ancient phone system with a third party addon (esna iLinkPro) that’s such a POS. We’re not moving away from the phone system yet, but I would like my org to adopt a more centralized chat/conference platform. Since the launch of our NextCloud - I have not been able to get users to adopt NCTalk because it’s over a browser and requires logins after timing out. It would be nice just like any other chat software to have a desktop client with people readily available for a chat.


A windows desktop client for NC Talk would be great!


hello all,

I am not a developer, but and infrastructure admin, and put together some easy steps to build a windows dekstop app. working good for my team.
first this:

then if you want an installer, just use this:

Took me about a day to figure it out.

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you said it took you about a day to figure out, any specific things to watch out for?
any clues or tips?

also has this been sandboxed or tested on where it send info to and from? what are the credentials of

I am presuming this is just shrinking and repackaging of a browser (which is fine in a way)?



Thanks @fsxadmin that has "kicked me into gear, looking at the output from appmaker it looks like it is using: or something very similar, with that I was able to generate a file myself. will keep on digging


I have asked the Franz developer to look at this and he said he’s pretty sure it’s possible and will start the process. I don’t know the status currently but I will inquire.


Nice to know, I also asked the Franz developer a few times, but never got a reply at all.


hoping, there is also a bounty available


A good alternative to the standalone solution might be in the form of addon to a mailer, eg Mozilla Thunderbird. Isn’t it so difficult to develop it and connect via chat functionality?


In my company we are also stuck with Telegram. Right now I see no way to change it to NC-Talk with the Webbrowser solution.

However we are very happy with NC and don’t want to set up a parallel system like Mattermost or whatever.

So the Talk-Desktop-Client would be a huge step forward!

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