Nextcloud Talk Windows Desktop Client



Anbox does not work on all distros


same here - a Talk desktop client is missing in a situation when the sync desktop client is enough, and a web access is excessive or restricted.


Ok I have started a bounty! (some time you have to put your money where your mouth is)

Anyway the issue was raised on github as well

and I will post the same message about the bounty there as here:

my bounty post is for a cross platform desktop client or alternatively the ability to link up to a cross platform and cross messaging client (such as Franz or similar)

I would prefer the former but would be more than happy with a fully working latter…!


I’m in for a desktop client as well. We have an ancient phone system with a third party addon (esna iLinkPro) that’s such a POS. We’re not moving away from the phone system yet, but I would like my org to adopt a more centralized chat/conference platform. Since the launch of our NextCloud - I have not been able to get users to adopt NCTalk because it’s over a browser and requires logins after timing out. It would be nice just like any other chat software to have a desktop client with people readily available for a chat.


A windows desktop client for NC Talk would be great!