Nextcloud Talk viability as an instant messenger?

I would really like to use Nextcloud Talk for the Instant Messenger feature of my user environment. After much testing, it seems like it is really not viable for this. I feel like I am missing something? Does anyone use it as an instant messenger?

Why it does not seem viable:
The “instant” part of being an instant messenger. I have tried Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. I have tried Windows and Linux. If the user happens to be on the Talk page, they will see a message. If they are anywhere else, they wont. Even with a Talk page in a browser session minimized on your computer, you might eventually get a notification through the browser that a message arrived, but it may be several minutes after it arrived.

Surely I am missing something? If you have successfully used Talk as an instant messenger for Desktop users, please let me know how you got it to be viable. Thanks.