Nextcloud Talk term of utilization

Dear all,
we are planning to install on prem Nextcloud with Talk. What are the limits for this kind of solution, in term of License / Max User and requirements? Are there license terms (and cost) for this service in case di on promise installation (in in house physical / virtual server) ?

Unless you plan on subscribing to the premium service or setting up your own videobridge the video conferences are pure p2p and thus limited to 3-5 participants for reasonable performance.

Otherwise there are no special licensing costs or hidden fees.

ok , I need to implement a on prem nextcloud service with talk. I don’t know what is a videobridge , in a base situation nextcloud + talk is enough? The platform should be configurated in gdpr standard, without data stored in cloud.

Look at the link I shared above. You will need to host this in addition to Nextcloud if you need video conferences with more than 3-5 users.

In any case, yes everything is stored locally and after enabling a few addons (terms of service etc.) it should be fully GDPR compatible.

Will the NC server have a public IP address or located behind a firewall/NAT?

What is the max number of people per conference?
If it’s double digits, you need to install the HPB (it’s open source now).
If less, you can try without it…