Nextcloud Talk Signaling Server - now automated installation

This seems like a firewall/frontend proxy issue to me. I installed it successfully today and nothing changed in the code since we implemented it.

Thanks for all your help. I have some more testing to do, but it appears this is an android Talk issue.


Did you finally manage to build your installation with docker?

I’m trying to build one using the dockercompose file provided by @Reiner_Nippes, but I’m running into issues for the configuration part for nats and janus.

Any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated.


I wanted to put this here as the best description of modern videoconferencing technology based on WebRTC that I’ve read

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Quick question about Talk+HPB: does it work with Matterbridge?
After downloading and enabling the latter I can’t see the Settings tab for the chatroom.
Hence, I can’t bridge to any “external” chat services…

I have no idea actually. Never tested, and don’t know what Matterbridge is either. :slight_smile:

I think henry is talking about this:

Yes, that’s what I was looking for…

I do understand now that HPB has nothing to do with it.
Even when installing NC the “standard” way, then adding basic Talk to it has the same problems with Matterbridge connector app…

Lots of confusing elements…
First, it says the latest version is 1.22.4 but it downloads and installs 1.22.3.

It suppose to have a settings tab, when you select a chatroom, but it does not (for me; v.21 and 22).

It does have it on v.20 but does not allow to bridge to any channels…

I guess it’s work in progress… or needs “enterprise documentation”…