Nextcloud Talk - Share Screen Issues

Hi, I’m trying to setup Nextcloud Talk in our office to talk to a satellite office. Audio and Video work great without any issue. However, whenever trying to share a screen audio and video cut out and we are left with a black screen. The user at the Satellite office is running Windows 7 and the main office is running Windows 10.

At first the Satellite user was running Firefox, but I’ve seen that others have had issues with screensharing and Firefox so we got them to install Chrome.

Once they tried to share the screen with Chrome the pop-up for the Extension was accepted and added to Chrome. However the same issue occurred with loss of video/audio and a black screen.

This issue happens in both directions.

Anyone have any tips for me to try before I submit a bug report on Git?


I have same issue with screen sharing with nextcloud 15.07 (tried both php7.2 and 7.3) and talk app 5.03 . When screen sharing is enabled the participants cannot see each other and the call gets disconnected-connected on loop . I had to use the docker image with nextcloud 14 and screen sharing works without problem .
So what i did to make it work with nextcloud15 is to uninstall talk 5.03 and install 5.01 from and screen sharing works without a problem.

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I have same issue here with 15.0.7 and Talk 5.0.3.
I am using coturn als TURN Server.
Audio and Video is working fine as long one one is sharing his screen.
As soon as one of the participants is sharing screen, audio and video is dropped and only the shared sreen is shown.
When screen sharing is stopped audio and video is comming back automatic.
Same issue with Firefox as well as Chrome

Would be great to find a solution for that beside downgrading to 5.01

After Checking Issues on Github I decidet to upgrade to 16.0.0 and Talk 6.0.0 because issues shuld be solved there.
My tests where positive so far. Screen sharing with / without Audio and VIdeo is working.


Version 7.0.2 of Talk released today 2019 11 14 (I think) fixes the black screen problem.
I used it with Nextcloud 17.0.1 from a Mac to Windows, Ubuntu and Fedora without problems.
Then I used it from Windows 10 to Windows 10 and also Widnows 10 -> Win7 wihtout problems.
Don’t forget to update Talk in the Apps section.
THANKS Nextcloud

I´m using Version 8.08. of Talk. But this Error is still persistent.
Actually i don´t use a STUN / TURN (coturn) Server.
Is this the reason for this behavior ?

these are probably the most useless forums… nextcloud devs can see that there are multiple requests for the exact same issue but yet there are no responses from nextcloud devs. I have been browsing through multiple pages containing common issues with absolutely zero responses from nextcloud devs, so basically nextcloud is one of those opensource projects destined to fail.