Nextcloud Talk Screenshare Problem


i use NC 15 with talk version 5.0.3. i have also set up a turn server so i can video chat with friends on the other end of the world. Audio and video works very well. As soon as I make Screenshare the videochat connection breaks down or no connection to the videochat is established.
When I make a screenshare, my friends only see a black screen and no audio or video connection. Rotating circles only
What could be the reason?
I would be grateful for any help.

hi the Community, i’ve got the same issue,
i’m on the lasted stable version of NC 21.0.3 and talk version 11.3.1. (hosted on raspberry PI4 with apache2)

I can add : i’m the host and i’m sure is that the problem.

i’m unable share my screen with an user out of lan (sound and webcam ok), between two pc in the same LAN it’s ok and between two contacts out of my lan is working fine too.

I looked for a topic with this issue but any solution found to solve it.

could you please help me ?