Nextcloud Talk Notifications not working on Android Device (behind firewall)


Hi Devs,

Has anyone noticed that notifications on android devices are not working anymore?
If I mention someone there is no notification either so there is really no way to write and get notified if new messages are available.
It worked flawlessly in December.

Is there a new setting which I missed?
I have nextcloud 15.0.4 and android talk 3.2.7 all notifications are allowed so there should not be any problem.

Please help.

Thank you.


Hi all,

I just noticed the importance of a stun server. Chat works fine but there are no notifications if the stun server is not reachable.

I somehow do not understand why a stun server is neccessary only for notifications.



do you use the NextCloud Talk App from F-Droid or Google Play Store / GitHub?
Notifications work only with the version from the Google Play Store or the version from GitHub, because of the need to work with the Google Play services. The version from F-Droid did not integrate this dependency.