Nextcloud Talk Notification Windows Client


we have been using nextcloud for quite some time now. Over time, new apps are added from time to time that are used.

The next thought was to use nextcloud Talks. There, however, the notification options are very narrow.

Is it planned for upcoming updates that you will also be notified about Talk messages via the Windows client instead of only via the mobile app?

Thanks in advance

The file sync desktop client already shows talk notifications

oh thanks, nick.

I didnt rechecked it with the newer Clientversions.
Since which Version is this notifications feature included?

Is it planned to start Chats via the nextcloud Windows Client ? Or will this be a feature who is only available via Browserpage.

Notifications are there since a long time.
Specific handling of call notifications since some time last year.

But it’s not a full flexed chat/call client and will still redirect to the browser.

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ye i saw. Tested it at the moment.

But a fullychat function via this App is not planned?
So that u can iniciate a konversation via the Windows App?