Nextcloud Talk not working outside our office

Nextcloud Talk - version 8.0.5
Nextcloud Talk Android App - version 8.0.7

Between my office and our main office I use a VPN (site to site) connection. When I run Nextcloud in my computer browser and connect through Talk to a user in our main office who also uses Nextcloud through their computer browser, We can chat, video chat and text each other with no issues.

When I try to use my Android phone which is not connected to VPN to our main office and I use Nextcloud Talk App to call to a person who also is running Nextcloud Talk on their Android phone, both of us are connected into our main offices Nextcloud server successfully and we can choose each other to start a conversation. Both of us cannot connect via video or call. Text chat also does not work properly in that we’ll see a notification on our phone that a chat message came in, but the conversation shows a black screen with no chat history. All we see when we try and call each other on our Android Nextcloud Chat app is a spinning blue circle.

What would be causing this issue? it seems that if we try to use our main offices Nextcloud server for anyone outside our LAN, Nextcloud Chat just won’t work? Our Android Chat App does connect to our main server with no error. We can see all our contacts and we can start conversations so it’s not like we aren’t logged into our Nextcloud main server?

Any advice you can provide me would be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks very much @anon71540698 for this link!