Nextcloud Talk need to install in my nextcloud

I have installed Nextcloud in my airgapped Ubuntu 22.04 server. Now I want to enable/ install nextcloud talk in that nextcloud. How can I do it?

To install Nextcloud Talk on an airgapped (no internet connection) Ubuntu 22.04 server, you will need to manually download the Nextcloud Talk app and its dependencies, then transfer them to your server. Here’s a general approach to how you can do it:

  1. Download Nextcloud Talk:
  • On a system with internet access, go to the Nextcloud Talk release page on GitHub.
  • Download the latest release of the Nextcloud Talk app (usually a .tar.gz or .zip file).
  1. Download Dependencies:
  • Nextcloud Talk may have dependencies such as a TURN server for handling WebRTC connections. You can use Coturn as a TURN server.
  • Download the Coturn software from its official release page or package repository.
  1. Transfer Files to Airgapped Server:
  • Transfer the downloaded files to your airgapped server using a USB drive or other physical media.
  1. Install Nextcloud Talk:
  • On your airgapped server, extract the Nextcloud Talk app into the Nextcloud apps directory (typically /var/www/nextcloud/apps/ or similar).
  • Change the ownership of the extracted files to the web server user (usually www-data):
sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/nextcloud/apps/spreed
  1. Enable Nextcloud Talk:
  • In the Nextcloud terminal, navigate to the Nextcloud installation directory and run the following command to enable the Talk app:
sudo -u www-data php occ app:enable spreed
  1. Install and Configure Coturn (TURN Server):
  • Install Coturn using the downloaded package or by compiling it from the source.
  • Configure Coturn by editing its configuration file (usually located at /etc/turnserver.conf).
  • Ensure Coturn is set up to run as a service and start it.
  1. Configure Nextcloud Talk:
  • In the Nextcloud web interface, go to Settings > Talk and configure the TURN server settings with the information from your Coturn server.
  1. Test Nextcloud Talk:
  • Create a new conversation in Nextcloud Talk and test if it works as expected.

Please note that the exact steps may vary based on the Nextcloud version and the specific setup of your server. Additionally, you may need to manually resolve any dependencies or configuration issues that arise during the installation process.

I want to install the nextcloud talk on the same server (nextcloud installed)

Is there a question in your post?

I never used Nextcloud in in an air-gapped environment, so I’m not sure if Talk is already included in the basic package (the zip or traball) or not. If it is, it might be enough to enable it via the occ app:enable spreed command.

If not, you have to download the app on another machine that is not air-gapped and then manually copy it to the Nextcloud server and install it, as in the instructions above.

Or, if possible, temporarily allow the server to access the Internet, install the app, and then deny Internet access afterwards.

Talk is not included in the basic package of nextcloud. I have tried to install talk in the nextcloud running server.(airgapped).but didn’t work

Well, then I see no other way but to manually download it to another computer, transfer it to the server and install it manually. Or allow the server to temporarily connect to the Internet.