NextCloud Talk missing Buttons

Hello, everybody,

I’m using NextCloud Talk version 6.0.0 on Android 7.1.1 and 9 with a NextCloud 15.0.7 server and coTURN
Everything works fine in itself. But I don’t see any buttons for hang up, microphone and camera when I’m on a call (normal or video). While a call comes in, the buttons are visible.
However, the corresponding positions are also occupied during the connection. Cause I know where they are, I can hit the correct position. For newcomers, it is not really usable in this way.

Can someone confirm the behaviour or does someone have a solution how to make the buttons visible? Or is it a bug that belongs to GitHub?

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Yep, same bug here. Nothing appears.

It looks like the problem is fixed in version 6.0.1.