Nextcloud talk major bug

I am running nextcloud 15 with latest release of nextcloud talk app on the server.
I installed nextcloud talk app on my android device and it registered it with the server and tested it and it worked well. I decided to remove the account from within the nextcloud talk app on the android device to see how it works. When I try to register for a new account on that same device it will not allow me too. I deleted the talk app and the nextcloud app from the android device, deleted the talk app on the server, then reinstalled everything and it still will not allow that device to register with the server. I can add different devices to the talk app but not that one even with a different user account. something is blocking that device. please help…

Check the Nextcloud log file for information related to the authentication process which might lead you to the root cause of the problem. Additionally please provide a screenshot of the displayed message and a detailed step-by-step description what you’re doing, entering etc., etc.