NextCloud Talk latest version not uploading/sharing imags

A couple days ago my Android Talk client updated to version 15.0.1. Since then, I’ve had nothing but trouble trying to share or upload a image in a Talk conversation. I get a progress bar between around 46-54% and the bar never goes away, it’s like a persistent notification, and the image is never shared in the client.

If I use the Web / Talk client, I can share images fine. Also the Android Talk client can view previously shared images without issue.

Is there a bug with the current client, or something on my phone? I host my own NextCloud instance, currently version 24.

For comparison, I rolled back to 14.2.0 from GitHub and it appears to work fine.

Hey, I have the same problem with latest Version nextcloud Talk on android Form official playstore.

Now, I tested at home. I did the downgrade to talk 14.0.2.
Picture/Video upload is now working again on android.

How can I Report a bug/Open a ticket to the developers?

I don’t know how to submit a bug either, but I feel it needs fixed.

Not sure, but this does sound like File upload always fails for 1MB+ version 15.0.x · Issue #2519 · nextcloud/talk-android · GitHub ?

Yep. It seems to be the same Problem. Thanks for this