Nextcloud TALK is really an amazing part of nextcloud

The learning curve to setup my server was a bit tough but worth it.
So many apps to choose from and worth looking at all them. You just don’t know exactly which you can put to use until you read through the HUGE list of things.

Now that TALK app is working well on my server, I was amazed to see the voice recording part of the text app build in.

This is really an amazing thing. I realize voice mail is on phones but this is WAY better.

AND text has it’s time and place but easy voice message fast and simple is just WOW.

Update: Voice and Video calling is AMAZINGLY good. NO delay latency issues and super clear quality all around.

I was actually excited to see this feature.


Hello hello from Nextcloud, thank you so much for your delightful feedback and I will forward your post to the developers, thanks a lot for making our day :smiley: