Nextcloud Talk install

I tried Nextcloud Talk on a trial basis from a hosting server. The connectivity was inconsistent, worked between some smart phones to desktop, but not between other client devices. I was reading that something else has to be installed (TURN/ICE server? issues with firewalls). I was thinking of installing this on a Linode VM. I read some on the installation process. The hosting service said that they found the TURN/ICE server did not work as they expected.

Did anyone else install these and get NC Talk to work consistently? Was it a particularly difficult or tricky install process? Is NC Talk good enough to justify the time to try and get it working consistently?

I can tell you that you indeed need a turn server to get connectivity outside your own lan/wan. There are some good instructions floating around on the forum for this. Once you have set up the turn server you also need to add it to the nextcloud config with your admin account under settings / Talk.

Make sure you open a port and complete the following in the field under turn servers: And select both UCP and TCP on. Port number is key, Also make sure you have the firewall ports open for that.

Easy, perhaps not, but with a bit of persistence and good reading on the forum certainly doable. I think it is worth trying as Talk works very nice and stable once set up properly. I just use it for single calls on my own family server, so not sure how well it scales, never got to that.