Nextcloud talk has bug in android app, repeats all messages four times in groups!

When I create group chat room with 4 members, it is correctly shown at browser application, when I open Android app, the message and also creation system messages are all visible 4 times for each user/member. When I had 3 members, there was 3 repetitions. I create rooms via API, fist create group room and then change room name, amdroid version is 8.0.9, server is nextcloud 15.

When I get group room with two users, I get two repetitions. It does not matter whether I create room from web client or REST API.

When I add message via REST API I always get four repetitions with four users, again browser client shows correct data, it is only android issue

The same problems happens with NC 18 but I have not see such repetition of whole message lists, just some messages are repeating. In this case if the room has 5 messages, I see them 5 times at the Android. No errors in the log file, and API returns correct number of messages.

Moreover all repeating messages ha exactly the same times, hence the data from API is the same.

Tested with one to one chat, the sema result, eve system messages like “admin created the conversation” “Administrator added you to the group” and real message all repeat with the same set 3 times. This seems to be clearly android APP problem

create chatroom {‘roomType’:2,‘invite’:‘sales’ } and sales has three members, creator is sales group administrator => becomes morerator. Did query to REST API to the room and all messages are correctly represented hence the problem seems to be in the android client not at the server side.

I have realized that it is somehow related to timestamps of the messages. Id I add two messages quickly via API there are bigger problem. Message are added 2 times all in all four messages and only at the end of the chat window. After reopening the chat window ,everything is repeating again 4 times.