Nextcloud Talk for Android 3.2 is out!

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Today we’ve released a major update to our Android app for Talk to the Play Store and f-droid. This version has a reworked user interface, can load remote images including animations (GIFs!), can show you screen sharing and has an Emoji keyboard.

a shared gif and the emoji keyboard

Right now, you have to copy a direct URL to a gif, like the ‘social’ link you get from giphy on its media page.

Besides these big new features, there are of course the usual small bugfixes and improvements all over! As always, let us know what you think.


Great, thanks one step forward to convince my family. Is there any plan to have it without googleservices for the information if there a new message?

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Nice to see the emojis. Essentials these days :slight_smile:
How does the screensharing works, when in ‘Talk/Video’ mode their are no options to screenshare in Android App. Did I miss something? Does it need Nextcloud v15.x perhaps?

It’s screensharing from the web. So if you share a screen on the desktop you will now see it on your Android phone.

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