Nextcloud talk expire messages settings not showing

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Sorry to hear you’re facing problems :slightly_frowning_face: is for home/non-enterprise users. If you’re running a business, paid support can be accessed via where we can ensure your business keeps running smoothly.

Some or all of the below information will be requested if it isn’t supplied; for fastest response please provide as much as you can :heart:

Some useful links to gather information about your Nextcloud Talk installation:
Information about Signaling server: /index.php/index.php/settings/admin/talk#signaling_server
Information about TURN server: /index.php/settings/admin/talk#turn_server
Information about STUN server: /index.php/settings/admin/talk#stun_server

In case mobile Nextcloud Talk apps are involved:
Talk Android version : 17.20.0

The issue you are facing:

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Steps to replicate it:

  1. Open talk android
  2. open a conversation
  3. go to conversation settings,

hi any expert dev here, i am facing a problem in Android talk of Nextcloud

this option is not visible to me in my Android app

This also depends on the server version, which talk version are you using?

v17.20.0 Alpha 11m this is my talk app

Please only post once, not multiple times, I am unable to find expiring messages settings in android app (v17.20.0 Alpha 11) , but it is accessible in web app (2 - #6 by bb77