Nextcloud talk dial tone

Hello there
I installed nextcloud 17 and talk with Turn on cloud server
It’s working good but there no dial tone
also after end the call the other client app not close
Still waiting me to join the call
how can i configure it ??

Hi there,

A dial tone is an old relic from PSTN (old fashioned telephony networks). Modern VOIP networks don’t need a dial-tone although it could be programmed to emulate PSTN behaviour but I haven’t seen it in Talk.

Also the way Talk work is that you can keep conversations open even though one of the parties ‘hung up’. This allows for conversations (e.g. text based) to continue without having to create a new conversation.

So it is kind of inherent behaviour of this functionality that the other App doesn’t close. I’m sure some smart coder can change that, but it is currently not supported/configurable as far as I’m aware. You might want to raise a Github issue and hope there are more requests like you and that someone will work on it.

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Thank you for reply

Same here.