Nextcloud Talk bandwidth costs on Azure server

I am trying to push that our non-profit agency use Nextcloud, for inter-agencies team cooperation (25 members), but my management expressed concern about bandwidth costs if we are using Nextcloud Talk over our Azure server, but I understood that Talk is using P2P connection.
Can you please, explain what bandwidth traffic we can expect if our team is using Talk on Azure server?
For example: all video and audio call are going trough server, and you will be charged for every minute of it, or as I already mentioned (but I am not sure) Talk is using P2P connection and there will be no charges for audio and video calls.

If you didn’t set up and use a TURN server, traffic will be P2P. But with a TURN server all traffic is relayed through it.

But I am also interested in the traffic that Nextcloud Talk generates (from one client) e.g. when using the mobile client from a limited mobile network. Especially useful would be if this could be controlled e.g. by forcing a certain video resolution and audio quality. @mario any ideas about that?

Bandwidth usage is very little unless you’re using video. And you may as well count on needing a TURN server.

There’s a request for this, but its not very high on the list.

@mario @KarlF12
Does anyone know how currently Talk or probably WebRTC in general chooses video resolution/bandwidth and audio? Is there some automatism to set+adjust values, e.g. based on input video/audio streams, output screen resolution and network speed or such?

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That would be especially important to know if on mobile internet. I remember that I nearly burnt my monthly limit by using another service using Webrtc (I think was it Jitsi-meet) after just one video call. That made me go back to Skype at that time

Default is HD on our side and then it automatically manages that based on the network quality etc etc. iOS allows you to change the default, Android and Web do not yet.

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