Nextcloud Talk: are group text chats on the roadmap?


I´m using Nextcloud talk and the video group chat is working great. Will a text based chat be implemented in future?

I know there is another chat app, which I could use, but group chats are not possible at the internal configuration and the ejabberd installation is very ugly.

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Yeah either that or rocket chat

You can already do it on the web, sure.

Yes, but you´ve got no chance to get notified on new messages. The best would be an implementation of rocket chat as the chat module with ejabberd is not possible to use, when you try to install your own ejabberd server:

  • the package ejabberd is damaged / not configurable at debian / ubuntu distos (different errors and problems)
  • the documentation on how to implement a good ejabberd service with nextcloud is not available.
  • using the managed service is nice, but not usefull if you would like to have full control over your data

You should actually receive a notification on your phone if mentioned directly and if you have Nc Talk app installed.