Nextcloud Talk Android client 12.1.0 RC1 is out

Hi everybody,

we are happy to announce the first release candidate for the upcoming Android release. It has already been uploaded to the Play store and should show up in the next couple of hours. As for the f-droid RC release, we published the PR but the publishing by f-droid might take some time.


  • “share to Nextcloud Talk” from other apps
  • location sharing (requires Talk 12 on server)
  • voice messages (requires Talk 12 on server)
  • open files inside app (jpg, .png, .gif, .mp3, .mp4, .mov, .wav, .txt, .md)
    • other data types are opened with external apps if they are able to handle it
  • edit profile information and privacy settings
  • add grid view for calls, make own video movable
  • improve vcard support


  • improve conversation list design and dark/light theming
  • introduce new dark/light toolbar/searchbar design
  • improve login screen design
  • improve content/toolbar alignments
  • various design improvements


  • @ in username is allowed for phonebook sync
  • avoid sync when phonebook is empty
  • avoid creation of multiple “chat via”-links in phonebook
  • delete “chat via”-link from phonebook if phone number was deleted on server
  • remove all “chat via”-links from phonebook when sync is disabled
  • fix to show avatars for incoming pictures in group chats
  • do not allow selecting files in files browser that are not allowed to be reshared
  • fix to show all file previews
  • don’t keep screen enabled in chat view

For a full list, please see v12.1.0 Milestone · GitHub

How to become a beta tester:

Without google play you can download the apk here:

Every feedback is appreciated. Please report issues at Issues · nextcloud/talk-android · GitHub.

We are also still lacking some translations, so if you have some time to spare, that would really help us bringing the client to the users in as many languages as possible :slight_smile: - cc @rakekniven for possible reminder to translators <3



Thank you for all your work so far, the update is awesome !! :tada:


Yes. I agree that the work is great, but I found something not working with Talk Android client 12.1.0 RC1 an Server 12.0.0-Alpha3.
On my samsung tablet s7 I do not get any notification and no sound if the screen is closed. If I open the screen, I can see the message.
Hopefully this will be fixed soon with the beta?
Thank you

@DDArnNext see original post, please report any issues to Issues · nextcloud/talk-android · GitHub else it is rather unlikely they will be fixed except when the developers find this issue themselves :wink:

Awesone release! Great new features added.

I want test it but I’ve NextcloudPi server with 20.0.4 stable version. If change to beta, the updater found 20.0.10 version.

It is possible to install v22 on nextcloudpi?

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Hi @crossmax,
Don’t know, best you check the Nextcloud Pi project itself and their latest supported version. I am an Android Dev, so not my area of expertise :wink:

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