Nextcloud Talk and Nextcloud Files

Hi everyone,
I’ve download and Install nextcloud on my server and I install Nextcloud Talk for chat with my collaborators. I read on that is possible to connect this to Nextcloud Files, but I don’t understand how and if is it a option only for paid version.

My idea is: create a chat for a single project with people that partecipate and connect a specific folder to chat; when a file is shared on chat this is automatically add on this folder.

I read that is possible but I don’t understand how I can do this. I hope that I don’t understand wrong :frowning:

Someone help me please?

Thanks so much
Matteo Fontana

Hi Matteo,

That is currently not how the connection works - the integration mentioned on the site is about the ability to click an user avatar and start a call right away. So when you comment on a file, for example, see

The integration like you describe, on a file level - that is something we have discussed already and we will probably do something like that, but that will take some time and effort. If you’re willing to help, that would be great :wink:

Note that there is not really a paid version, it is only the back-end that is different. The app itself is exactly the same.

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Hi @jospoortvliet,
thanks so much for your answer.

I think this is a simple solutions for share files; can you tell me about Groupware? At moment I activated Contacts and Calendar, for use all of function of this I must activate other on my dashboard?

I’m not a developer, but if is necessary people for testing the UX I can give you my experience. I think is a beautiful integration for that :wink:


You can also add the Mail, Tasks and Deck app for email, tasks (…) and a kanban planning board app. Enjoy :wink: