Nextcloud Talk 5.0, Android 3.4.0 and Contacts 3.0

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We’d like to announce 3 more big releases for Nextcloud, just before the holidays start:
:speech_balloon: Talk 5.0 introduces chat and video calls integration in the sidebar, notification settings and more
:busts_in_silhouette: Contacts 3.0 brings design updates import & vcard compatibility improvements, delete & download groups & more
:iphone: Files for Android 3.4 delivers integrated Collabora document editing, sharing options, search and more

Nextcloud Talk 5.0 with sidebar integration

Nextcloud Talk 5.0 is a major update to Nextcloud Talk, bringing integration in the sidebar as we already talked about for Nextcloud 15. This allows having chat or video calls directly associated to a file, even when editing them in Collabora Online! Learn more about this in our blog post.

Other improvements include:

  • Detailed notification settings
  • Ability to invite email addresses to conversations
  • Improved loading speed of chat messages (from >1 minute in a room with ~1k message down to ~3-5 seconds)
  • Full MCU high performance backend support
Time to upgrade! You can get the new Talk from the app store.
Contacts 3.0

Nextcloud Contacts 3.0 with sharing and search

With over 40 issues resolved, version 3.0 of the Nextcloud Contacts app introduces many smaller and larger improvements in its design as well as vcard compatibility. The main improvements in this release include:
  • Use nextcloud locale settings to display dates
  • Faster loading and overall reactivity
  • Better import process
  • Show default set of fields on new contacts
  • Design enhancement
  • You can now delete contacts from the list
  • You can now download groups as vcf file
  • New contacts are not synced to the server until edited. No more empty contacts on your addressbooks!
  • Better compatibility with other vcard editors
Grab the new app from the app store now!
Android app editing a document with Collabora Online

Nextcloud Android Files 3.4 with online document editing, new share options and much more

The big new feature in this release is of course that users can now directly edit Collabora Online documents in our Android app. Learn more about this in our blog post. This release also introduces searching in the text of files, and:
  • hide download when creating share links (Nextcloud 15)
  • set/edit notes on shares
  • share file to Talk room
  • sort deleted files by deletion date by default
  • actions on notifications
  • remember last path on upload
  • show local size in "on device" view
  • bug fixes
  • The Android app can be found in the Google Play Store and on the F-Droid store.

    Download mobile app

    Add a note to a share
    Share directly to a Talk chat
    Approve a log-in or accept a share in the notifications

When I tried to upgrade Talk to 5.0, it was interrupted and the cloud was put in maintenance mode :frowning:
Ok but then the update completed. Do Notifications also work on the Android App now?

Same here - and after updating the calendar app - nothing was working anymore. Installed the NC complete from the scratch again.

Now I have a problem with the Talk App - new version - totally slow and it is just connecting with Android 7 mobiles - everything below is not working for me. Where is my mistake? Any ideas?

They were supposed to always work. What exactly is not working?

I’m glad to see the improvements in Contacts. Just out of curiosity: What are the changes made for “Better compatibility with other vcard editors”?

Same here upĝrading talk put my instance in maintenance mode. I went command line ran occ upgrade and turned off maintenance mode manually.

But I still don’t have the new collabora with the new design and the talk integration, nor the document editing feature in the android app update that I just updated…

Ok, now i’m scared. :slight_smile: Does it work for someone?

The installation made my nextcloud instance stuck in maintenance mode during some minutes but automaticly get the update button on webUI.
So things get better after

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Yes :slight_smile:

No issues with all three NC apps on NC 15

Yes it works. It’s just the installation that has a maintenance step.

Got someone this collabora <-> talk thing working? Does this feature need both participants to have an account? Just tried with a shared link which doesnot seem to work.

Just was able to use the collabora / talk feature. After applying the patch it worked. It seems to be mandatory to have an account for now.