Nextcloud Talk 4.0 is out with Video Verification, files in chat, favorites and more

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Hot on the heels of Nextcloud 14, we release Nextcloud Talk 4.0, which supports the new Video Verification feature when combined with Nextcloud 14. It also introduced the ability to share files and folders into chat rooms, logs the activity of a conversation in a chat and gives users the ability to favor conversations to pin them on top of the list.

Video Verification: know who you share with

With a strong focus on security, Nextcloud 14 debuted the unique Video Verification feature. This optional setting when sharing a file or folder sets up a video call between the recipient of the share and the sender, allowing the latter to identify the former before giving access to the data. The YouTube video below demonstrates how this works.

Sharing files in a chat

When working in a team, you often set up a group chat to communicate across devices and locations. Nextcloud Talk now easily lets you insert files in these chats, allowing a team to keep all their work in one place. The thumbnail is included in the chat and the file is shared to all members of the conversation, giving them direct access the data.
Select a file to share in the chat
The share tab shows the file is shared to a chat

Easier chat handling and logging

There has been a number of other improvements in Talk 4.0, making it easier to find your chats and follow what happened. Activities like users joining or calls taking place is now logged in the chat, and mentions in the chat show user avatars while highlighting you particularly prominently.
event info in the chat, favorites in the conversations bar on the left, avatars and the blue highlight on your mentions
To make it easier to find and follow conversations, sorting is now based on last activity and users can favorite conversations to keep them on the top of the list. Last but not least, messages in one-on-one chats now always sent notifications so you don't miss anything.

A better experience

All together, this release brings a better, more complete chat experience to Talk, integrating it deeper with Files and making it easier and more fun to use. We are, as always, looking for user feedback and would love to hear from you!

I love the idea of having my self-hosted what’s app alternative, now that file transfer is available.

Thank you for the great work!!

Will Talk 4.0 be available on F-Droid soon?

This is the server app release.

works !!

thks great job

@mario after I updated the server side, the mobile app can’t make text chat, only calls

I don’t know what happened, today working fine, text and calls.

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Maybe I am missing something obvious, but how do I include smileys or emoticons in my chat? I saw examples containing smileys, but I seem not be able to create one.

You can check this posts

Hmm I have the Swiftkey keyboard. When I enter some smileys in the keyboard, they show up as ??? in the chat. And when I use the chat in the web browser, there are no options at all.

@eehmke the emoji’s and smileys do require the 4-byte support when configuring your database to work:
It’s okay if you didn’t set it up that way initially Nextcloud has provided a tutorial on altering your current one here:

Alter your database CHARACTER SET utf8mb4

Also it’s always a good idea to run a backup of your setup before doing anything like this:

Backup Nextcloud

I did this on my own system and it worked. Hope that helps

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Thank you, that seems to work. Now I can select icons from my keyboard. Still, other messengers like WhatApp or Telegram have Emojs in the input line to select from. My users are missing this!

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Good to hear that worked, yeah I think the extra things like that we will see eventually implemented.


Maybe eventually, but not now. :slight_smile: