Nextcloud taking up internal storage

Hi there!

I checked my internal storage and saw that Nextcloud is taking up space on the devices that I have Nextcloud installed.

I was expecting to have Nextcloud as external storage. Is it possible to make Nextcloud not take up space in the internal storage?

Nextcloud version - 3.4.2
Operating system and version - Pop! OS
Apache or nginx version: (sorry but I couldn’t find it, I’m also not a techy)
PHP version (sorry but I couldn’t find it, I’m also not a techy)
And all the other techy requirements, sorry I can’t give them, I don’t know how, once again I am not a techy.

The files you sync from/to Nextcloud will of course still take up storage on your device.

Also, where did you install Nextcloud?
Did you install it on a server or NAS?

If you installed the Nextcloud Snap package from the Appstore on your Laptop, then Nextcloud is running on your Laptop and will take up storage there.

I am using a Nextcloud provider company. I guess that the Nextcloud is on a server.

I have the Nextcloud app from the app store.

If you’re using the Nextcloud Client app (the one with the tray icon) it’s normal that it uses storage on your device as this is a sync client that synchronizes data between devices.

If you want to move files off your device onto the Nextcloud, you can just add Nextcloud like a Network share with one of the options described here in the docs.


you could also enable vfs - Virtual File System support which locally only keeps “placeholders” to the files stored in the cloud and doesn’t consume any space. and definitely you should upgrade your desktop client 3.4.2 is very very old we reached 3.11 in the meanwhile.

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