Nextcloud synchronization client (3.13.1) fails to display Activities

-> ‘HTTP status code -1’

other functions like actual sync, Auto upload, … work just fine !?
self-hosted NC 19.0.4, report of ‘Activities’ via web-interface works.

Best to open an issue on Github:

I guess you actually have an issue with the server’s config. The auto upload and file listings run through the webDav protocol while the activities and notifications for examples are providede via designated ReST APIs which are served on their own URLs. So you might simply have a URL config issue in your htaccess file.

thanks Andy. Your description presumably explains the error message: Activities is using an API and URL (dynamic DNS) retrieved from the server config, while I am pointing the android client to an intranet URL (when in intranet => large volume syncs faster). Our setup will be adapted in upcoming upgrades, this will hopefully solve the issue.

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