Nextcloud sync with z-push

I have been trying to run z-push in docker container to sync contacts and calendars with android.
It seems to me that the z-push code is not maintained and simply doesn’t work any more.
If you are successfully running z-push with nextcloud and if it works for you, please kindly let me know.
And please, feel free to suggest any sync alternatives. Thanks.

Hi @alu64

I don’t use Z-Push myself and I wouldn’t know how to get it to work with Nextcloud. But what makes you think that Z-Push is not maintained anymore? Maybe the specific third party Docker container you were using is not maintained anymore, but Z-Push itself still is afaik: ist the recommanded way to sync your Nextcloud contacts and calendars to your Android device. With DAVx5 installed, your Android device can communicate directly via the cardDAV and calDAV protocol to your Nextcloud server. These protocols are natively supported by Nextcloud, so there is no need to implement another layer of complexity like Z-Push on your Nextcloud Server.

Here is the link to the official documentation of Nextcloud:

I guess we could tell you more, if you would show us your z-push config details… Z-push will not run out of the box, it has to be configured for the different datasources.

I don’t use z-push myself, but noticed that there is a thread in the howto section. Maybe it is worth a read: Z-Push Sync and how it works

Frankly gents, I am really looking forward to feedback from people who attempted to setup zpush with nextcloud and succeeded or failed. Anyway, thank you for your kind responses.
During my tests zpush worked flawslessly with imap backend against dovecot.
I tested both caldav and carddav backends against nextcloud loosely following howto (2016) linked by Bernie_O and other resources found on the Internet to no avail.

check out this project. he’s using nextcloud in the background only for contacts an calendar.