Nextcloud sync on Android can't use SD storage?


I’m using the Nextcloud client (downloaded from Frandroid) on Android 11. I have installed an SD card that is showing up without problems in android. Unhappy the NC client doesn’t offer choice to select a directory but only 3 directories that are all internal storage as far as I could check :frowning: How to use an other storage than internal one ?

Thanks a lot


Sort of fixed the problem ! Why do I have to use the version from Play Store to get ability to store on external storage ? while version on FDroid is not able to !!
Very annoying to have to download app from a closed and tracking source like play store :rage:

What version? That doesn’t look like an official release version (note the beta in its name).

Well it’s impossible to compare between the open-source version on Fdroid as it has a build version (last update 4 days ago build 20230902) and the proprietary version on Play Store that is 3.25.0
Open source version has always been labelled beta as far as I know.

That sounds like the “Nextcloud Dev” version which is a nightly (ish) test build (which is also available on F-Droid). However the official (non-Dev) version is also available on F-Droid.

Nextcloud Dev (Synchronization client)

Nextcloud (Synchronization client)