Nextcloud sync from Android phone question

Hey everyone,

I’m completely new here, so im sorry if this topic is placed in the wrong category.

I’ve got Nextcloud up and running on my small home TrueNAS system and I want to sync my pictures and video’s I make to my Nextcloud server, but when I enable the folder sync option on my phone it makes a backup to my server as I want, but also it makes another backup locally on my phone which fills up my phone storage which is useless because I want to have the files on my phone and server, not 2 times on my phone and on the server.

So just to be clear. I want to take a picture on my phone, and it instantly makes a backup to my Nextcloud server so I have the picture stored on my phone and on my server. Now when I take a picture it makes a backup to my server and on my phone again.

In the Nextcloud app on my phone I can’t find the option to turn this off and I searched internet alot for this. Is there anyone that can help?

If the information is needed, I’m using a Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro.

Sorry for my English btw :stuck_out_tongue: I hope someone can help me with finding a solution!


I think you should be using the option Auto Upload, not sync.

Syncing means it will also download anything that’s not the sync folder in NextCloud server down to your device folder which has the syncing option on.

Just use Auto Uploading feature of the Android App.


I use the auto upload feature, but it still does this.