Nextcloud sync : first sync when same files on both side, what to expect?


I have installed NC on my Ubuntu PC. Then I have copied manually all my data from on USB disk to NC data folder on server side.

I plan to sync my data folder on my work PC with my data folder on my server PC. All the files are now the same on both side.

If I run a Sync with nextcloud client now, what result should I expect ?

Will NC SYnc simply mark the files as synchronised and not copy anything or will it attempt to copy all the files instead?

Thank you :slight_smile:

I had no luck to merge same data existing on 2 sync clients. Most likely because of time difference NC decided to use one side and synced all the data (even it was same).

Based on this experience I would suggest just to select your source, sync the data to _Nextcloud> and later sync all the clients from there. Definitely syncing consume CPU and bandwidth but AFAIK this is the most predictable solution - you know which data you use as source to feed your server and this way you distribute the same data to other clients.

Hi Wwe,

Thank you for the answer.

I have the same configuration than you (if I understand correctly) : 1 server and 2 clients. And I think I ended up to a similar solution than yours : 1 client 1 server sync, wait until server is happy and then add second client.

I’m still in the process, we’ll see with what I’ll end up with.

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