Nextcloud: Sync finished with unresolved conflicts

I am unable to locate the conflicts.

I Synched photographs from my phone into the Photo folder
I created a download folder and synched that with the download folder on my computer

I have searched for “_conflict” in both folders
Nothing is found in the Photo’s folder but 13 files are found in the download folder but none of them have “_conflict” in their name

I have searched some of the text files and none contain “_conflict” either.

If I look in the download folder I see the following

All files/directories apart from the “MechVM…” one have green ticks
If I expand the “MechVM…” directory

Again, all have green ticks apart from the two with clouds and the docs one with the sync symbol

And after expanding the Docs directory all have green ticks.

Is there a log file I can look at which would show the conflict?
(The activities list has 3000ish entries from the photo’s which I synched and I can’t find any conflicts.)

Can anyone help?

I am running on Windows 10.

OK so I just found an entry in the black and white summary information at the start of the activity log which mentioned that it could not sync a file called Download/$Recycle.bin as the name was restricted. I clicked the entry and a dialog box came up to rename the file. I renamed the file recycle.bin and it is all synched now.

Unfortunately I can’t see the file called recycle.bin even though I have show hidden files on.